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New Pcounter embedded for Sharp

Pcounter embedded for Sharp IM – SMB2 & 3 support

We're very happy to announce the release of the new Pcounter embedded for Sharp v. Due to the latest hacking attacks the need to switch off unsecure SMB1 protocol is essential.

As Java natively does only support unsecure SMB1 protocol we took action and implemented a new method to support SMB2&3. This allows customers to switch off unsecure SMB1 protocol.


  • DACCS_DONT_CHECK_FREE_COPY_BUTTON. If set to TRUE (= fast mode) Pcounter calls are bypassed when freecopybutton is selected.


  • Replaced jcifs completely by CopyNetwork.exe. Now SMB 2 + 3 is also supported.

  • Mode can be changed with SMB_MODE (default=1).

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