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Pcounter WebPay 2.2

Pcounter WebPay 2.2 is a locally hosted Web-based service that allows users to reload their Pcounter print/copy account via the Internet, using a credit card or other Internet-enabled payment methods.

Supports Braintree

Uses the Braintree payments service. Users must sign up for a Braintree account, enter their API keys, and thats it!

Automatic ordering

Braintree accounts are supported in over 40 countries, with more being added all the time. 

Toner waste

Configuration and Setup using PWA (Pcounter Web Administrator) interface

1. —Configure payment amounts    2.—Templates for Email receipt and text     3. —Enable creation of Pcounter user accounts

New business

Simple and user friendly payment interface for desktop, mobile and tablet

  • —Mobile and Tablet friendly

  • —Authentication with AD username and password or Pcounter users

  • —Display Pcounter balance (pages or currency)

  • —Allow the creation of Pcounter user accounts

  • —Email payment receipts

Locally hosted on your server, embedded with small footprint

Licensed per server

  • ——60 Day Trial license after which a license key required

  • —Based on Server ID and Server Name

Embedded web server

  • —Configure for multiple IP addresses and ports

  • —SSL Support

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