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Touch ID hardware Terminals

The Touch ID is a smart touchscreen device designed for connection to the vast majority of network-enabled copier and multi-function devices.

The Touch ID device provides the ultimate in flexibility and control for those organisations wishing to manage control, monitor or charge-back against copies and prints made.


Print and copy control


The Touch ID controls access and charging for a wide range of services, such as copying, printing and secure print release.

The operation is achieved by a TCP/IP service installed on a server that facilitates all communications between the Touch ID and Pcounter software.


Pcounter software


The Touch ID works with Pcounter, the intelligent, flexible, document management and accounting solution. Pcounter provides a wide range of cost control, cost recovery and security capabilities.


Print and copy accounting


Users can pay for printing and copying with a Pcounter network credit. The terminal accesses Pcounter online accounts to provide a payment source for any prints and copies taken.


Identification and authentication


The Touch ID locks the front panel of the copier or multi-function device to deny access to the copy and print function until a user logs into the device via the various identification methods:


  • User ID and optional password

  • Mifare, DESfire or HID Proximity card or tag

  • Barcode

  • Biometric fingerprint

  • Magnetic-stripe ID card (on special request)


Once a user is identified the system checks whether a user is known and whether the user has a positive balance available. On receipt of the account balance, the copy device is enabled and the user can copy and print as normal. On completion, the Pcounter account is updated to reflect the cost of all copies and prints made.


Secure printing and Pull printing


Print jobs can be printed at any printer or multifunctional. Security is guaranteed. The Touch ID provides controlled and secure release of print jobs. In short: the system is indispensable for printing confidential documents.


Account mode


The Touch ID can also facilitate cost recovery or cost management by recording each job against a Client and Job code instead of accessing an online Pcounter


Enrolment – Self-service card pairing


Through clear instructions on the screen, a user can independently connect a card or code to his user account. This means that your organisation has a clear reduction of administrative burden.

Smart card support


The Touch ID can be supplied with or without the support of cards. The device supports account authentication with ID number or Network login entry via the touch screen combined with Mifare, DESFire, HID cards and Memory Smart card (ISO 7816) card technology.



  • Complete control over the printing and copying process

  • Centralised, integrated accounting and reporting

  • Easy implementation and touchscreen operation

  • Single network purse for all copy and print

  • Flexible, configurable authentication for secure access

  • Vendor independent – all printer, copier and multifunction models supported

  • ID card independent – any Smart card
    technology supported

  • Secure print release with pull-printing

  • Use any existing ID, security or other proprietary card

  • Configurable display (multilingual) and input prompts

  • Protection if card is lost or stolen, as no value is stored on the card

Technical Specifications
  • Requires Pcounter PRO

  • Some Copiers/MFD’s require key counter or foreign interface

  • System: Windows NT, -2000, -2003, -2008 or Novell Netware or Novell OES Linux server

  • Dimensions: 190mm x 75mm x 165mm

  • Display: 6 inch colour touch screen LCD

  • Power: switch mode, universal input, 5V output

  • Memory: 64MB NOR Flash and 64MB DRAM

  • OS: Windows CE

  • Identification: Mifare, DESfire, HID proximity cards.

  • Optional integrated magnetic card reader

  • IP Comms: 10/100 base-T

  • Serial: 1x RS232

  • Interface: 8x opto isolated inputs 5-24 volts, 2x output relay contact pairs, Wiegand, 3x USB host, 1x USB

  • Updates: Remotely, via network

  • Installation: Desk, stand or wall bracket mounting

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