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Pcounter Swipe and Card Readers

for Touch-free printing.

Release documents touch-free in any multivendor environment using your Pcounter supported card reader.

Use Card Readers together with Pcounter embedded or Pcounter Swipe using TCP3 to release all jobs to a specific printer.​

If you already have an embedded solution, it can be configured to release your print jobs with a simple card swipe. This allows you to release documents without having to touch shared hardware yet safely and securely collect documents.

For colleagues working from home, set up an isolated printer at the office (e.g. in the foyer or a meeting room), release the documents to the printer without meeting other colleagues, or touching shared hardware. Print jobs can be released by connecting a Pcounter Swipe card reader (TCP3) to Pcounter and the printer or by using Pcounter embedded.

To see how we are doing this in the Pcounter Europe office, view the video below.

Card Reader New Small.png
Embedded New Small.png

Card Reader Release - embedded

Pcounter Europe can supply the card-readers with broad range of reader technologies such as MIFARE, HID, iClass, Hitag, Legic and more.

Easy setup and configuration

The set up and configuration is simple and user friendly, in settings go to secure access and select 'Automatically release print jobs' to enable the release of documents using only the swipe card and card reader.

Xerox_card_release - highlighted.png
Card Reader

Pcounter Swipe software provides a point of authentication to specified printers through network-based card readers associated with the Pcounter print queues.

All printer activity is tracked, logged, and controlled through Pcounter. After print jobs are submitted, users visit the isolated printer and authenticate by swiping their card on a network card reader located near the printer.

It works with any printer, and can work for simple printers in a mixed environment of MFP's with embedded software terminals and printers.

No complex integration with printer/copier hardware.

Pcounter Swipe

Pcounter Swipe Release

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