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" Pcounter has been one of the great install-and-forget successes at the university "

MFP and Copier integration

Pcounter Europe offers a wide range of software embedded terminals for the leading manufacturer of multifunction devices.


Embedded Software Terminals for Pcounter enables the touch screen of the multi-function device to be used to authenticate the user before being able to use the copier for photocopying, secure pull-print release, type in client codes, User ID or credit validation. All activity is logged centrally in Pcounter and the user's account updated.


Features and functionality of the embedded terminals depend on the interface from the device, and as a result, there are minor differences in the features between the embedded terminals we offer.


Software Embedded Terminals eliminates the old type hardware terminals, and offer greater flexibility, functionality, and customization.


Pcounter Europe offers embedded software terminals for the following manufacturers:



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