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" With Pcounter we have total control over the printing and copying costs"

Pcounter embedded for Xerox

Integrate user authentication into interfaces the users are familiar with. The integration of the Pcounter into the device panel is an important step forward to advanced usability and fast and streamlined user workflows.

Pcounter embedded for Xerox is a module for the Pcounter server application that enables the central control of MFP displays for authentication and account data exchange. It embeds Secure Print and Accounting features into the display of Xerox devices. Serving as a direct link between the devices and the Pcounter server software, it is also a straightforward alternative to external accounting interfaces such as authentication terminals.


Using Xerox's embedded technology, authentication data is directly verified with the central database, central client codes are provided, and print jobs can be securely released from central hold queues, on any supported device – real pull print anywhere printing.



  • Automatic server authentication via the device panel

  • Integrated real-time copy and print accounting

  • Immediate user credit updating according to central Pcounter server application cost policy

  • Different authentication modes (user name/username + password/ID number/ ID number + PIN) as well as Follow-Me and Secure Printing

  • Verified individual output limits, user access rights and client code selection for each print and copy session

  • Convenient management of all Pcounter embedded devices, licenses and software maintenance due to additional console inside the Pcounter application

  • Central control and registration of all embedded Pcounter devices via the Pcounter interface

  • Quick adaptation and user convenience due to integration into well known device

  • Complete up-to-date cost efficiency control of all copy and print activities

  • Secure printouts for confidential output of crucial documents

  • Additional costs for external hardware terminals becoming oblivious

Enhancing Security, Reducing Waste, Providing Mobility


Pcounter's Secure Pull Printing frees users to output documents at the MFP of their choice and ensures confidentiality by assuring jobs are printed only by the appropriate user when the user is physically at the MFP.


This reduces the waste and expense of abandoned print jobs while supporting flexibility and security.

Cost Recovery & Client Billing


With Pcounter Embedded, users can input client/department billing information directly at the front panel, often used by academic and corporations providing professional services or need internal billing. Paper size and use of color or black and white—for both copies and prints—can be detected on a page-by-page basis for accurate usage reporting and allocation to correct client/department.

Integrated Authentication


Leverage your existing infrastructure, by allowing users to log in with the same username and password used elsewhere on the network.

Pcounter runs on any Windows, Novell or OES Linux print-server, and fully integrate with

  • Active Directory

  • eDirectory

  • LDAP

  • Optionally login with card swipe

  • Optionally authenticate using convenient ID numbers (Short ID) & optional PIN's for extra security.



Pcounter have for many years been a leading supplier of Accounting systems for the Academic market.


Pcounter embedded terminals are built to support this market, so the Pcounter Embedded terminals are equally efficient for Academic, Office and Professional Service industry.

Scan server


Pcounter Embedded supports Pcounter Scan Server, which can route scanned documents to the users email address and home directory (using directory lookups) without the need for internal address books.

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