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Pcounter EasyPay - Very cost effective online reload of Pcounter accounts

Pcounter EasyPay is developed and supported by Pcounter Europe.  Ensuring one stop support from Pcounter experts

Cloud based technology using standard components.

Pcounter EasyPay is hosted on Microsoft Azure and based on a number of well proven technologies.

The encryption and certification mean there are no security issues sending payment requests.

Automatic ordering
  • Configuration and Setup is done from PcounterCloud

  • Set up to 8 different payment amounts in your own currency

  • Email template feature to customise email content and receipts to end users

  • Enable creation of Pcounter user accounts

  • Configure your own subdomain on the Pcounter EasyPay network, for example

  • Built in SSL Support for your subdomain.

Toner waste

Pcounter EasyPay gives you freedom


Pcounter EasyPay is available from any internet connected device and can be used by students or parents in any educational institute.


No need for direct cash handling.


Very useful in libraries.

Easy setup and configuration

All configuration and setup is done by Pcounter Europe.
A small add-on module - Pcounter connect - must be installed on the local Pcounter server.

New business

Simple and user friendly payment interface for desktop, mobile and tablet

  • Mobile and Tablet friendly

  • Authentication with AD username and password or Pcounter users

  • Display Pcounter balance (pages or currency)

  • Enable creation of Pcounter user accounts

  • Email payment receipts

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