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Pcounter Upload

Pcounter Upload is a driverless printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a web browser, sending an email, or by drag and dropping documents into the Yudrop upload folder on their desktop going straight to the print queue.

Upload and release print jobs in an instant.

Users can instantly upload and release their print jobs using Pcounter Upload.

Pcounter Upload works seamlessly in conjunction with Pcounter pull print for secure print release. Pcounter Upload can also be used with Pcounter EasyPay or as a standalone service.


Users can release their print jobs across devices from multiple vendors.

No client software or driver installation is required.

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Automatic ordering

Print jobs are encrypted.


With thousands of print jobs and users, tracking who has received the print job reduces waste as only necessary documents are printed. The encryption and person identification capability assist any GDPR compliance framework, the encryption means there are no security issues sending the document over any network, only the correct user receives the document.

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Upload documents the way it suits you.

Toner waste

Upload simply and immediately from your mobile device, your laptop or desktop - just drag and drop documents into the Yudrop folder on the desktop for instant upload of your document, or use the web browser to upload your files or send an email.



Pcounter Upload and Pcounter Mobile users can instantly upload and release their documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud etc. with Pcounter Upload.


Pcounter Upload and Pcounter Mobile supports documents from the MS Office suite, pdf files and many more.

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Easy setup and configuration

The set up and configuration is simple and user friendly, with all configuration and setup done by Pcounter Europe (a small add-on module Pcounter Cloud Connect must be installed on the local Pcounter server).

Simple and User Friendly

1. Login to the account
2. Select Upload option
3. Drag and drop the document to upload document
4. Document is uploaded and converted to printable file

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