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New Pcounter for Windows

What´s new in Pcounter 2.91 and Pcounter 3.03 --------------------------- What's new in Pcounter 2.91 --------------------------- Amazon SSM sessions are supported for tracking in WSManager. Epson page count fix. Canon UFR page count fix. Xerox PostScript paper size counting fix. Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink SNMP page count fix. Fixed problem where Pcontrol would not recognize failover clusters. Account.exe - Fixed problem where comment would not be logged on group transactions. PAdmin - Fixed reports problem where attribute fields would not be shown. Fixed problem where job would not move to the next queue if move job after popup was set and and the user was exempt from popup. Fixed probl

New and very cost effective online reload of Pcounter accounts - Pcounter EasyPay

EasyPay is available immediately and offers cost effective reload Pcounter accounts via credit card or other Internet-enabled payment methods. Highlights include access via mobile and tablets, Authentication with AD username and password or Pcounter users, Display Pcounter balance (pages or currency), creation of Pcounter user accounts, Email payment receipts. Cloud based technology using standard components. Pcounter EasyPay is hosted on Microsoft Azure and based on a number of well proven technologies. The encryption and certification mean there are no security issues sending payment requests. Configuration and Setup is done from PcounterCloud Set up to 8 different payment amounts in you

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