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New Pcounter WebPay 2.1

Pcounter WebPay 2.1

We're very happy to announce the release of the brand new Pcounter WebPay platform, PWP2. Pcounter WebPay 2 is a locally hosted web payment solution for Pcounter account balances, using the popular Braintree payments provider.

Feature highlights

  • Locally installed – no longer a hosted payment service like the previous version for Pcounter WebPay.—

  • Runs as part of the new Pcounter Web Administrator interface—

  • Supports the Braintree payments service—

  • Mobile and tablet friendly end user interface—

  • Integrated management module for configuration and settings


Supports Braintree

  • Uses the Braintree payments service

  • Users must sign up for a Braintree account, enter their API keys, and thats it!—

  • Braintree accounts are supported in over 40 countries, with more being added all the time.


Configuration and Setup using PWA (Pcounter Web Administrator) interface

  • Configure payment amounts

  • —Templates for Email receipt and text

  • —Enable creation of Pcounter user accounts


Simple and user friendly payment interface for desktop, mobile and tablet

  • —Mobile and Tablet friendly

  • —Authentication with AD username and password or Pcounter users

  • —Display Pcounter balance (pages or currency)

  • —Allow the creation of Pcounter user accounts

  • —Email payment receipts


Locally hosted on your serverf, embedded with small footprint

Licensed per server:

  • ——60 Day Trial license after which a license key required—

  • Based on Server ID and Server Name

Embedded Web Server

  • —Configure for multiple IP addresses and ports

  • —SSL Support

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