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" With Pcounter we have total control over the printing and copying costs"

Supported devices

Pcounter Embedded is supported on many Ricoh MFP models, a full list of supported devices and firmware levels is included below:

    Streamline NX Share run conditions: HDD mandatory, maximum amount of RAM on some models depending on the SDK/J requierments
    Fiery: direct communication with the devices controller is needed. The print jobs are printed throught the Fiery. 2 IP addresses are necessary
    (2) : packaging xlet and servlet scan parameters are limited. Unsupported formats are suppressed.
    (3) : Use single pass package to take into account this scan conditions.
    (4) : for information current version of SDK/J. please ensure the latest SDK/J is installed on the device for the platfrom bug fixes.
    (6) : Marketing validation is necessary before installing on this device model.
    (7) : Prefer to use the SLNX Share SOP version
Installation target:
    The servlets are always installed on the VM-Card / Flash Memory.
    The xlet are installed on the HDD

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